Fishing Setups – Line

When setting up for bass fishing, there are so many options to consider: what rod, what reel, what line, what lure. No one setup is the same and hence the reason you see so many rods/reels sitting on the deck of the pro’s bass boats. I have been working on my basic setups when I […]

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Wintertime Bass Fishing

To say catching bass in the winter is tough is really an understatement. I have been reading article after article and still have not hit on what I think is the perfect strategy. This is largely related to most articles are referring to cold water as being in the 40’s and 50’s! Well a good […]

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New Boat!

Yes this year the Rugged Outdoors team will have a new boat to chase our favorite aquatic game – Bass! Our boat this year is a 2013 Skeeter ZX200 purchased from Nichols Marine out of McAlester OK. Why Skeeter? Well I looked at a lot of boats (Triton, Phoenix, Nitro, and Legend) and each one […]

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Missouri Hunt – Lessons Learned!

Well my hunt in Missouri is coming to a close with only one hunt left this evening. I hunted in October and saw a number of deer but only one shooter. Unfortunately I made a mistake that morning and would not get a shot. Here is the story. Great Encounter but Bad Mistake I had […]

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Gear for the Field – Real Avid Viscera Review

As a modern hunter I am constantly looking for the best gear to make my hunting experience all the better. One of the most critical pieces of gear for every hunter is a good knife. ┬áHaving the option to use a knife means we were successful in the field with a deer down and ready […]

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Covert Special Ops Code Black Camera Review

  Ok let me first start by saying that I am a technology professional by trade (I own an IT company and even published a book on technology) and so when there is cool tech to help me hunt, I am all over it! I have been watching for cameras to do something other than […]

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Missouri Hunt Pre-Story

This year I will be privileged to hunt on my father-in-laws land in Missouri. I have tried on one other occasion early in my hunting years but forgot my Hunter Education card from Oklahoma. Last year my daughter hunted with a crossbow during rifle season and we did get to experience deer camp with the […]

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Response to Sole Adventure – Effective Range, Long Distance Shooting and the Spirit of Bowhunting

First, let me be very clear: I have the utmost respect for Mark Huelsing and his views. Mark is a fantastic outdoorsmen and bow hunter from whom I have learned a lot since find his site – Sole Adventure. Recently Mark posted an article that I wanted to comment on but felt my comment would […]

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Oklahoma Hunting Guide – Now available

For those in Oklahoma or planning on hunting in Oklahoma this coming season (86 days away) be sure and get your copy of the Oklahoma Hunting Guide. One major change for Oklahoma this year is that all deer, elk or turkey must be checked in via the E-Check system within 24 hours. No more going […]

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Getting kids excited about fishing

One of the things that I enjoy the most is being outdoors with my children. I am passionate about the outdoors whether it be fishing, hunting or any other outdoor activity and nothing is more exciting than sharing that passion with my children. The last few months have been all about fishing at our house. […]

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